A.D. Murano Glass

Discover a vast assortment of fine items on our site jewels and refined household items built entirely in Murano glass by the best craftsmen of the island.

Real Murano glass 100%

All the items you find in our store are carefully selected and checked in order to guarantee you the best possible shopping experience and in addition our products are handcrafted where each piece results unique.

  • Villages

    Our vases are manufactured unique created one by one from a artisan specialized. You can find them in various shapes, sizes and colors on our site, all that's waiting for you choose!


  • Glasses

    You will find a wide selection of glasses, drinks, water and liqueurs. They are available in different colors and with decorations like the one in the picture that make them design pieces and perfect for making a good impression at the table !.

  • Dishes

    To complete your kitchen kit, the dishes.

    Funds, small, flat, of every shape and color.

    Perfect for giving a touch of refinement ed elegance to your table!



Shipments all over the world!

In our company we use international couriers that make it possible to ship worldwide quickly and safely. Enjoy a relaxing shopping experience without thinking about worrying shipments anymore!

  • Peoci

    Discover our peoci, modern designer pieces to decorate your home.

    There are diverse colors and reasons, you just have to choose the best one for you!


  • Frames

    Do you want to keep alive a I remember important to you? Choose to highlight it with ours frames, perfect for any environment. With these frames your photos will stand out even more!

  • Bowls

    Do you want to embellish your table even in small things? Choose our bowls, useful both as pieces of design for the table and both to use as comode bowls. There are several form, size and colors